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Training for Programme Committee members from Associated EaP countries

SRNSFG disseminates information regarding the training for Programme Committee members from Associated EaP countries which takes place on 20-21 March in Kyev, Ukraine. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the Centre for Regional and International STI Studies and Support ( CeRISS ), the Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development ( RCISD) and the Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T Cooperation (NIP Ukraine ) are organising a Workshop for Programme Committee Members of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on the 20-21 of March 2018 in Kyev, Ukraine. The Workshop aims at stimulating the active participation of newly Associated Countries (AM, GE, MD) in the H2020 procedures and familiarize the nominated PC members with the H2020 procedures. A further aim of the event is train the PC members in planning and implementing the internal preparatory work. The workshop will focus on the exchange of practices among PC members of Associated Countries on national consultation processes, experienced trainers in EU processes and peers from EU MS. On the Workshop, experienced PC’s, experts from EU MS and other non-EaP ACs will be invited to introduce their experiences and to give an overview about H2020 procedures, functioning of PCs and process of preparation of WPs. The other pillar of the event is to plan and implement the internal preparatory work at the national level for which experts from each new Associated EaP countries will demonstrate the national problems, challenges, opportunities, interest addressing H2020 and opinion on WP’s. The workshop includes several sessions and trainings will be conducted by the experienced trainers in EU processes and PCs from EU/MSs (e.g. Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and Poland) and other non-EaP ACs (e.g. Norway, Serbia, Turkey). For further information, please visit the link.