Activities of the ERC
19/05/2017 11:46

10 years, 10 portraits

With regards to the 10 years anniversary of the European Research Council, ERC developed a special visual material – 10 Years, 10 Portraits. 10 distinguished ERC grant holders share their stories and the way their research led to changes. 10 Years, 10 Portraits are available on this link.
10/08/2016 14:17

The summer issue of the ERC newsletter is out

The summer issue of the ERC newsletter is out  . the newsletter is avaliable on   the link 
10/08/2016 14:09

The ERC call for tender

The ERC has just published a   call for tender   for the provision of a study on career impacts of European Research Council (ERC) funding. The study is to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact that ERC funding has on the careers of the ERC Principal Investigators and their teams, with a focus on younger researchers. It shall provide insights on the impact on career advancement, but also on the type of careers that team members embark on after the end of the project. All questions related to the call for tenders have to be submitted via the   online form   on eTendering via the following   link .   Deadline for submission   of tenders is scheduled for   19 September 2016 .  
10/08/2016 13:04

New report on impact of ERC projects

New report on impact of ERC projects  - Qualitative Evaluation of completed projects funded by the European Research Council is avaliable   on this link 
19/04/2016 10:18
19/04/2016 10:15
18/04/2016 12:38

Calendar of ERC calls

04/04/2016 16:16
Calendar of ERC calls for 2016 year had been announced. Grants open to researchers from anywhere in the world.  Call for proposals Publication date Deadline Budget Funding ERC 2016 Advanced grant 24 May 2016 1 September 2016 EUR 540 million Up to EUR 2.5 million per grant ERC 2016 Proof of Concept Grant 22 October 2015 26 May 2016 4 October 2016  EUR 20 million Up to EUR 150,000 per Grant See further information on ERC website . Information on the ongoing selection: In the 2015 ERC Advanced grant call, 1,951 applications were submitted (results to be officially communicated in April) In the 2016 ERC Starting Grant call, 2,935 applications were submitted ( results to be officially communicated in September) In the 2016 ERC Consolidator Grant call. 2,304 applications were submitted (results to be officially communicated before the end of the year)
04/04/2016 16:08

March issue of ERC newsletter published

March issue of ERC newsletter  published (30 March)                        

ERC Evaluation Panels

04/04/2016 15:45
The selection of scientific and scholarly proposals for ERC funding is based on international peer review   with excellence as the sole criterion. The ERC uses a typical panel-based system, in which panels of high-level scientists and/or scholars make recommendations for funding. There are in total 25 panels, divided between the 3 domains as follows: 9 panels in Life Sciences (LS), 6 panels in Social Sciences and Humanities (SH) and 10 panels in Physical Sciences and Engineering. The full list of ERC peer reviewers (panel members and remote referees) will be published by the European Commission after the conclusion of the current peer review process. Note to applicants: This information is given for reasons of transparency. Under no circumstances should peer reviewers be contacted by applicants, potential applicants or potential host institutions. Questions can be addressed to: - ERC Helpdesk - ERC National Contact Points       ERC Starting grants 2016- Panel Chairs   ERC Starting grants 2015 Panel Chairs , Panel Members ERC Consolidator Grant, 2015-2016 Panel Chairs 2016 , Panel chairs 2015   Panel members 2015   ERC Advanced Grant 2015 Panel Chairs For further information you can check ERC official website, section on Evaluation panels .