Activities of the ERC
15/01/2018 15:25

SRNSFG disseminates information regarding ERC Consolidator Grant Panel 2017 members of the ERC Peer Review Panels

The list below includes the panel members in the ERC Consolidator Grant 2017 peer review process, identified and invited by the ERC Scientific Council. There are in total 25 panels, divided between the three domains as follows: 9 panels in Life Sciences (LS), 10 panels in Physical Sciences and Engineering (PE), and 6 panels in Social Sciences and Humanities (SH). Panel chairs appear at the top of each panel list, followed by panel members in alphabetical order. Note to applicants: This information is given for reasons of transparency. Under no circumstances should peer reviewers be contacted by applicants, potential applicants or potential host institutions. Questions can be addressed to: - ERC Helpdesk - ERC National Contact Points See the full list of ERC Consolidator Grant Panel 2017 members here.  
25/10/2017 15:25

European Research Council Consolidator Grant Call 2018

European Research Council has published the 2018 Consolidator Grant call. ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they might still be consolidating their own independent research team or programme. The Principal Investigators shall have been awarded their first PhD over 7 and up to 12 years prior to 1 January, 2018. A competitive Consolidator Grant Principal Investigators must have already shown research independence and evidence of maturity, for example by having produced several important publications as main author or without the participation of their PhD supervisor. Applicant PI should also be able to demonstrate a promising track record of early achievements appropriate to their research field, including significant publications (as main author) in major international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary scientific journals. They may also demonstrate a record of invited presentations in well-established international conferences. Research must be conducted in a public or private research organization located in one of the EU Member States or Associated Countries. The funding is provided for up to five years. ERC Consolidator Grant Call 2018 has a budget of €550 million, worth up to €2 million per grant. Applications should be submitted electronically, via Participant Portal The submission deadline is 15 February, 2018. For detailed information, please read ERC Work Programme 2018. For further information, please visit the website.  
27/09/2017 10:27

  Information is avialable in Georgian
03/08/2017 15:26

The European Research Council (ERC) announces its 2018 grant competitions

Shota Rustaveli Georgian National Science Foundation disseminates information on the ERC open calls: the European Research Council (ERC) announces its 2018 grant competitions  with a total budget of around €1.86 billion, most of which earmarked for early- to mid-career researchers. In addition, the ERC is reintroducing Synergy Grants, the funding scheme for groups of two to four scientists who jointly address ambitious research problems. The  Work Programme , established by the ERC Scientific Council, was pre-announced on 19 July, and adopted today by the European Commission. The Work Programme includes all the well-known and established ERC funding schemes:  Starting ,  Consolidator  and  Advanced Grants , as well as  Proof of Concept Grants  for ERC grantees who wish to explore the innovation potential of their research results. detailed informaiton canbe foun on ERC web page:
19/05/2017 11:46

10 years, 10 portraits

With regards to the 10 years anniversary of the European Research Council, ERC developed a special visual material – 10 Years, 10 Portraits. 10 distinguished ERC grant holders share their stories and the way their research led to changes. 10 Years, 10 Portraits are available on this link.
21/11/2016 15:30

ERC Conference - Frontier Research and Science Diplomacy

SRNSF disseminates materials of Frontier Research and Science Diplomacy Conference. The conference was organized by European Research Council (ERC) on October 27-28, 2016. Conference Brochure See this website for Conference Record, October 27 See this website for Conference Record , October 28 See detailed information on ERC website.  
10/08/2016 14:17

The summer issue of the ERC newsletter is out

The summer issue of the ERC newsletter is out  . the newsletter is avaliable on   the link 
10/08/2016 14:09

The ERC call for tender

The ERC has just published a   call for tender   for the provision of a study on career impacts of European Research Council (ERC) funding. The study is to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact that ERC funding has on the careers of the ERC Principal Investigators and their teams, with a focus on younger researchers. It shall provide insights on the impact on career advancement, but also on the type of careers that team members embark on after the end of the project. All questions related to the call for tenders have to be submitted via the   online form   on eTendering via the following   link .   Deadline for submission   of tenders is scheduled for   19 September 2016 .  
10/08/2016 13:04

New report on impact of ERC projects

New report on impact of ERC projects  - Qualitative Evaluation of completed projects funded by the European Research Council is avaliable   on this link 
19/04/2016 10:18