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Call for applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in Caucasian linguistics & linguistic typology, France (Paris)

The LaDyCa project (Language Dynamics in the Caucasus) will make an attempt at understanding how does the web of ecological factors shape linguistic diversity, having a more or less direct influence on dialect diversification and, reciprocally, how the natural and social environment is shaped by language and language diversity. The project will be funded by the IDEX (‘Initiative d’Excellence’) consortium of Sorbonne Universités, France, in partnership with Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia. Apart from an efficient and fluent command of English and/or French, for collegial relations with an international team of scholars, applicants should have a good command of Georgian (written & oral skills); efficient reading skills in Russian would be an asset too. A good command of database software, and previous training or experience in computational linguistics would be also appreciated. A strong performing ability in entering data and in designing linguistic databases would be an asset. Applications should include a statement of interest (letter of motivation), giving accurate details on the applicant’s skills corresponding to the aim of the LaDyCa project, and how (s)he plans to process data with computing tools and gather information on the ecological, historical and social context of linguistic diversity in the Caucasus. (S)he will also provide a CV including a list of publications, a copy of the PhD certificate, and the names and e-mail addresses of two referees. Applications should be sent as a single PDF file to the email addresses below, entitled “Application_LaDyCa_PostDoc”: Prof. Jean Léo Léonard < > Prof. Claude Montacié < > Deadline: applications must be submitted by 2nd of May 2017. The position is available from July 2017 to June 2018.The duration of employment is intended to last one year. Net salary: around 2100 euros per month. For additional information, please visit the following link  
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Joint Call for Proposals 2017 of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (SRNSF) and National Research Council of Italy (CNR)

The aim of the call is to promote cooperation between Georgian and Italian scientists and research centers; to support the mobility of researchers of two countries; to provide funds for joint research projects and joint workshops; to strengthen Georgia’s scientific-research potential; to foster the integration of scientific community into international research area and creation of new collaborative groups/networks. The program supports exchange of scientists to facilitate bilateral cooperation in all thematic areas and to initiate preparation of full-scale joint research projects. The programme provides 2 types of grants for: 1) Two-year long mobility projects that enable groups of Italian and Georgian researchers to visit each other twice a year, exchange research methodology and information, prepare joint publications. 2) Organization of joint workshops (2 in each country) during two years. They will also provide financial support for organization of joint scientific workshops on specific subjects with the participation of scientists from each country. Joint scientific workshops will be meetings held on a small scale, with duration not to exceed one week. The Georgian scientists should submit their applications to SRNSF, while their counterpart Italian researchers are to submit their applications to CNR. For additional information you can contact: Office of International Relations and Fundraising Aleksidze #1, 3-rd floor Tel: +995 322 200 220 (Ext: 4022; 4406); + (995 595 80 33 43); E-mail: Website:  

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SRNSF announces CNRS Call for Georgian Scientists

SRNSF’s partner organization - French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), will launch a call in April for proposals in the framework of “International Scientific Cooperation Project” (PICS) Program. In situations where cooperation with a foreign partner is well-established, and has resulted in  joint publications in scientific journals , it is possible to formalize the relationship through PICS. This is a more involved form of cooperation than a plain exchange of researchers in that it is based on pre-existing joint research, and has a longer time frame. It brings together two research teams and the participation of young researchers (Ph.D.s and postdocs) is encouraged. PICS is a scientific project prepared and presented jointly by two research teams, one at the CNRS and the other abroad. Over a period of non-renewable 3 years, it aims to consolidate and formalize ongoing cooperation with a foreign partner that has already resulted in one or more joint publications PICS allows the team from a laboratory affiliated with the CNRS (UPR / UMR) receive additional funds (usually between 5,000 and € 7,000 per year) to finance missions, seminars and work meetings. The PICS is intended primarily for researchers under 45 years. The foreign partner must simultaneously submit a proposal to their home institution. A provisional budget is to be presented with the research project proposal. CNRS contact person:  Ms. Gulnara Le Torrivellec: +33 1 44 96 44 53 SRNSF contact person – Mr.  Irakli Grdzelishvili  +995 322 200 220 (4406);  
26/04/2017 16:01

First RDI webinar "Innovation Strategy in RDI projects: maximising the impact of your research"

The first RDI webinar "Innovation strategy in RDI projects: maximising the impact of your research" took place on April 11th, 2017. Guest speakers Svetlana Klessova and Peter Häfner adressed the practical components of an innovation strategy in a 90-minute webinar, the first of a series of 6 webinars on RDI related topics. Webinar was attended by 40 participants from all 6 EAP countries. Participants included technology managers, researchers, staff from universities, research centers and SMEs. Svetlana Klessova gave an introduction to innovation strategy, and Peter Häfner detailed what an innovation strategy consists of in practice. The next RDI webinar is planned for September 2017 and will address in further detail innovation strategies in RDI projects. A link to the recording of the webinar is available on the EAP PLUS Youtube Channel. You can view and download the presentations used during the webinar on the following links: Presentation: Svetlana Klessova ; Presentation: Peter Häfner  
24/04/2017 18:01

The Bucharest University Sub-Forum

The Bucharest University Sub-Forum, under the auspices of the World Women University Presidents Forum (WWUPF)/ Women Leadership Academy, to be held in Romania, Bucharest, June, 1-5, 2017. The Sub-Forum will be hosted by “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University and Communication University of China. The Sub-Forum theme is “Adaptability & Breakthrough:  University’s Reform and Innovation in the New Ecology of Higher Education”. The Sub-Forum activity will consist of keynotes speeches, panels and round tables on three topics: a) University’s Challenges and Opportunities in New Ecology. b) University’s Innovation on Education and Teaching in the era of “Internet+”. c) University and Women Rector’s Roles and Mission in New Ecology.   Registration forms will be submitted by April, 2017, and papers should be sent to the contact persons’ e-mail addresses: – – Prof.Andreea-Ileana Danielescu – “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University. – – Mrs. Lina Zhou – Communication University of China. For further information, please visit the following link .
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“Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development”

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has held the prestigious “Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development” to promote the international exchange of ideas regarding green solutions since 2009. The award, whose patron is Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, honours 25 young researchers from around the world each year. The winners come from various scientific disciplines and are recognized for their outstanding achievements in making our societies more sustainable. This year the award is devoted to “Sustainable Production and Consumption”. Although it focusses on behavior changing projects or new technologies to change production methods, the call is still open to ALL disciplines. The submission period for the Green Talents Competition 2017 is open now.   Requiremens: Enrolment in or completion of a master’s degree programme or higher no more than three years ago; Proven excellent command of English; Not a German citizen nor a resident of Germany; Significantly above-average grades; Strong focus on sustainable development and an interdisciplinary approach. Contact: DLR Project Management Agency/European and International Cooperation E-mail:   Find the Press-release and competition flyer here.
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To promote the benefits of international-scale research and advanced computer networks, the Eastern Partnership Connect project (EaPConnect) is collaborating with leading partners to create an exciting opportunity for research communities in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region through the Enlighten Your Research (EYR) program. This edition of EYR in the EaP region – known as EYR@EaP 2017 – invites researchers from any discipline and their collaborators to submit proposals that highlight how access to internet and compute technologies could significantly improve their research process. The program is open to all ranges of research teams – from novice to expert in the use of information technology – to support their research projects. The final selected projects for EYR@EaP 2017 will receive: Support and advice on the use of network services and end-to-end network connectivity. Connections to e-infrastructure resources through the EaPConnect Partners. Commitment to an agreed level of resource provisioning and support for 1 year. If your final proposal is selected for the EYR@EaP 2017 programme, you (the main applicant) will get free participation at this year’s Eastern Partnership E-infrastructure Conference,  EaPEC2017 , in Minsk, Belarus on 27-28 September, organised by EaPConnect. You will be able to present your research project at this Conference. In order to receive additional information regarding the call, please visit the following website: