21/02/2018 16:54


SRNSFG disseminates information about the Business Idea Competition 2018. The main idea of the competition is to support very early stage start-ups that have innovative business ideas in one of the three sectors: Food, Health and Raw Materials . Competition is open to all citizens of the European Union Member States and the associated countries. The best business ideas will be awarded up to EUR 10 000 of grant for each sector . Deadline for submitting business ideas: 31 March 2018 at 17:00 CET . For further information, please contact from different EIT KICs: Contact from EIT FOOD: Adam Strzelecki Contact from EIT Health: Dora Marosvologyi For EIT RawMaterials, please contact Giorgio Recine For detail information, please visit the webpage .
13/02/2018 16:44

2017 Proof of Concept Grants Results

SRNSFG disseminates information on ERC Proof of Concept Grants results. 160 researchers were financed to investigate business opportunities, establish intellectual property rights or conduct technical validation. The grants, worth up to €150,000 per project and the overall budget of the 2017 competition was €24 million. Grantees can apply for funding in one of the three rounds of the yearly call. Last year 532 ERC grantees applied. ERC Proof of Concept Grants 2017- results: First round Second round Third round Overall results of ERC Proof of Concept Grants 2017 competition     For further information, please visit the webpage .    
02/02/2018 14:25

The Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation announces State Grants for scientific Research of Georgian Material and Spiritual Heritage in Georgia and Abroad.

Scientific grant competition "State Grants in scientific Research of Georgian Material and Spiritual Heritage in Georgia and Abroad" will be announced in  February 2018. The competition aims  to promote high-level scientific research of historical monuments in Georgia and abroad, cultural heritage, documents and other sources, archival material, ethnographic data, including identification, registration and systematization, recording and systematization, popularization of the Georgian nation's intellectual and substantive heritage research and the attraction of young scientific personnel in this field. Grants can only be obtained through the open competition! The basic conditions of the call: Participation in the Call and Grant recipient can be: Leading organization with co-participant organization (in case of cooperation), Project Manager, co-leader (in case of joint project) and key personnel of the project; The project should have a head, coordinator, researcher and young scientist; The main staff of the project should be at least one young scientist during the entire period of implementation of the project; The project may involve a foreign citizen as a principal or auxiliary personnel.   Financing from the Foundation requested for the project submitted to the competition should not exceed 100,000 GEL per year for research project abroad and 70,000 GEL for a research project on the territory of Georgia. The project may be co-financed (additional financial source), which will partially cover part of the expenses foreseen by the project budget. Duration of the project may be 24 or 36 moth. It has to be start in September, 2018. Competition rules and conditions, documents to be submitted, competition schedule and registration procedures will be published with call announcement.   Contact information regarding to the competition terms: e-mail: Tel: 2 200 220 (4302)  
31/01/2018 10:42

SRNSFG disseminates information about the Call for Nominations for the 2018 Princess of Asturias Awards

Princess of Asturias (heir to the Spanish throne) Foundation has now opened the Call for Nominations for the 2018 Princess of Asturias Awards . Individuals and/or institutions are to be awarded in the following 8 categories: Arts, Social Sciences, Communication and Humanities, Concord, International Cooperation, Sports, Technical and Scientific Research and Literature. The candidates’ work and contribution should be of an international scale. Among the laureates of the Princess of Asturias Awards occur: Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, American director Francis Ford Coppola, Google Inc., Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood, German racing driver Michael Schumacher, etc. The deadline for submitting nominations ends on March 14, 2018. The Award Ceremony will be held in October 2018, in Oviedo, the Principality of Asturias, Spain. The awards will be granted by the King Felipe VI of Spain. For the further information, please, follow the links: 2018 Call Regulations Princess of Asturias Awards
29/01/2018 17:23

SRNSFG disseminates information about the Webinar: Marie Skłodowska-Curie: RISE, Individual Fellowships and Euraxess

This webinar will focus on new calls in Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions:   - RISE (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange);  - IF (Individual Fellowships) and Euraxess network - Euraxess network.       Save the date:  31 January, 2018 Time:  11 am CET Duration:  approx. 60 minutes  (including chat Q&A) Location:  online Country:  Black Sea Countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine Join us here for the webinar:  webinar room . DESCRIPTION: This webinar will focus on new calls in Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions: -  RISE  (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange), -  IF  (Individual Fellowships) and  Euraxess  network.  This webinar will be conducted by: - National Contact Point for MSCA in Poland - Magdalena Chomicka and Adam Głuszuk, - National Contact Point for MSCA in Russia - Elena Nasybulina, - Polish Euraxess expert - Olga Wąsowska. It will be the last of a series of Black Sea Horizon project webinars  providing information MSCA in general as well as specific information on above mentioned actions. The goal of the webinars is to promote and enhance the participation of researchers from academia and industry from the Black Sea countries in MSCA projects. The webinar is free of charge and open to all. Contact Adam Gluszuk National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the EU e-mail: For further information, please visit the website.

SRNSFG disseminates information regarding the Informational Meeting about “Intellectual property rights for inventors”

24/01/2018 13:15
Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency and National Intellectual property Center of Georgia in the frame of a joint project is organizing an Informational Meeting which aims to inform inventors regarding the following issues: Role of the Patent System; What is invention; What is utility model; What can be patented; Patent rights; Patent application; Procedures for obtaining the patent rights; Patent protection abroad. Information meeting will be held on January 30 at 15:00 at Tech Park Georgia. To attend the meeting, please fill the application form: See the event link here.
23/01/2018 16:20
16/01/2018 17:39

‘Science begins from School - Research projects with participation of secondary school students’

On February 2018, SRNSFG will announce the call for the Programme ‘Science begins from School - Research projects with participation of secondary school students’ The competition aims at enhancing education quality at general educational institutions, integrating research in the teaching process, increasing the popularity of science and encouraging pupils to engage in research.  SRNSFG call intends to introduce innovative approaches to the educational process, facilitate a pupil to get the comprehensive understanding of different subjects and increase the curiosity for science. Increasing teachers’ motivation for involvement in student’s research.  Increasing interest in involvement in secondary school students’ research for scientists, including young scientists (PhD, MA). The introduction of such innovations in the learning process that will improve the efficiency of general education activities, which will help the students to understand the importance of a particular subject, that will increase their interest in science. Public school/schools can register a project for the competition. Private schools can apply in cooperation with a public school, which gives an opportunity to involve its students in the project.  Participating private school can’t be a grant holder. From the part of the public school, a supervisor has to be a teacher, which works with VII-XII grade students. That person can apply only with one project. Scientist involved in the project which gives consultations to the supervisor, project assistant and students, has to possess a PhD or equivalent degree, Involvement of a project assistant, who helps supervisor and scientist in the process of projects implementation is important. That person has to be a student of MA or PhD in Georgian high educational institution. Involvement of supervisor, scientist and project assistant is the main requirement of the competition. Presented Projects have to make provision public school students active involvement in specific scientific issue/problem scientific research. Competition is open to any person who are VII-XII graders at the general educational institutions (public and private schools). Duration of research has to be 24 working weeks, which doesn’t include school vacations. The requested budget for the project can’t be more than 12 000 GEL. Co-foundation is possible.    
16/01/2018 14:24

Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces call for Young Inventors and Researchers “Leonardo Da Vinci”

Program for high school students “Leonardo da Vinci” aims to support ongoing reforms at general educational institutions; to stimulate and improve the learning process and to raise pupils’ interest towards learning; to raise interest towards innovation and technology; to develop creative thinking and practical skills. The call is open to VII-XII graders at the general educational institutions (public and private schools). Applications can be submitted individually and in groups. The number of members of the group should not exceed three students of the relevant grades. After the registration of the project, the change of group members is inadmissible. Each team can appoint a team leader who will coordinate the ongoing work and who will be the team speaker and contact person. Nevertheless, each member of the team should be able to fulfil the role of a speaker/contact person, must be fully involved in the project and should get acquainted with all its aspects. The final work should reflect the coordinated efforts of all members of the team. Group projects will be evaluated by the rules and assessment criteria of individual projects. The same person can’t be the author or co-author of more than two submissions. In case of victory, only one project will be financed. The research submitted to the call should not have taken place until January 2017. Each team or student must have a supervisor who may be a teacher, parent or scientist. The supervisor of the project should be in close contact with the student during the whole period of the work, should be familiar with all relevant regulations concerning potentially dangerous or risky research related to the student's project. Such research can include the use of chemical or biological substances and equipment, experimental methods, study of cell culture, microorganisms or dangerous animals/animal tissues. The Commission of competition will reveal the winners and special prizes to the exhibition. The grant-awarded project author will travel abroad with a tour. The author of the project winning first place will be awarded with the amount of 5000 GEL, the author of the project in the second place - 3000 GEL and the author of the project in the third place - GEL 2000. In case of a group of projects presented, the relevant amount is divided equally between the members of the group.
15/01/2018 17:05

Training course

SRNSFG disseminates information regarding additional locations for the training course  "Financial Management of Horizon 2020 Projects. Theoretical and Practical Approach" .  Three day H2020 practical training is dedicated to the in-depth understanding of fundamentals of financial management of Horizon 2020 projects. Each day is divided into theoretical and practical part with many opportunities for the participants to ask specific questions related to their businesses and clarifications of the outstanding issues. The number of seats is limited to 15 as we are particularly focused on learning experience                 UPCOMING COURSES 2018 14-15-16 February / Ljubljana, Slovenia 21-22-23 February / Warsaw, Poland 21-22-23 March / Amsterdam, Netherlands 21-22-23 March / Brussels, Belgium 18-19-20 April / Frankfurt, Germany 16-17-18 May / Rome, Italy 6-7-8 June / Athens, Greece 20-21-22 June / Vienna, Austria   Registration for training courses is open. For more information and registration visit the web-site .