Applied Research

Applied research

05/01/2016 15:51

Applied Research grant scheme aims to discover applied research potential in Georgia and provide funding for innovative research projects. Special emphasis is put on innovative project proposals, that potentially results in high quality products demanded on local and international markets and that provide solutions within technology development processes. Application, sustainability and commercialization potential of research outcomes should be highlighted. Creating a prototype, developing a new or improved software, producing material, medical products, equipment etc., can be viewed as expected outcomes of the applied research grants. Although SRNSF provides funding for research component only, the institution cooperates with the Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) and National Intellectual Property Center ‘Sakpatenti’ to support the commercialization of the funded research outcomes. Applied Research grant also sets objective to encourage competitive research environment, to bring research outcomes closer to the international standards, to facilitate research internationalization and integration in higher education sector. It also aims to motivate young researchers and increase their engagement in applied research.

Target group: Higher educational institutions in Georgia, research-focused institutions, independent scientific centers and researchers.

Duration: 12-24 months

Call coordinators: Mr. David Chichua 

2018 competition terms

AR application guidelines (2016)

AR Terms of Reference


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