Bilateral collaboration

Japan Society For The Promotion Of Science

19/04/2016 16:11

If you are thinking of collaborating with Japanese researchers to do a joint research project or seminar, JSPS has a new scheme under the framework of its bilateral program, called Open Partnership Joint Research Projects/Seminars. Why is it “NEW”? Counterpart countries are expanded to countries around the world in Open Partnership. (No counterpart agreement is required.) Cf. Counterpart countries under existing agreements in FY2016 application round for JSPS Bilateral Joint Research Projects/Seminars: Africa : Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia Asia and Middle East : Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey Oceania : New Zealand Europe : Austria, Belgium, Check, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine What’s the new scheme for? It gives all researchers around the world an opportunity to conduct bilateral joint research projects or seminars with funded Japanese colleagues. What expenses does the scheme support? It supports the costs of the Japanese teams, mainly their travel and accommodations. Joint Project (1-2 years) : Up to JPY 2,500,000 /a year/ a project Joint Seminar (up to 1 week): Up to JPY 2,500,000 /a year/ a seminar What are the target fields? All academic fields: Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences including mathematical sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, biology, agricultural sciences, medicine, dentistry and pharmacology.

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