International scientific research programs for Georgian scientists (CERN,DUBNA)

10/02/2016 11:21

The aim of the program: Under the collaboration with the European Organization For Nuclear Research (CERN) and the United Institute of Nuclear Research (JIRN DUBNA),  under the framework agreement, prominent Georgian scientists - physicists, engineers and technicians - will be given the opportunity to participate in international up-to-date research projects and to deepen  scientific and technical relationships. It is important to highlight, that the researchers will use the results of cooperation only for non-military purposes.  The inclusion of Georgian competitively selected scientists in the international projects of aforementioned centers will be feasible through sharing of human resources, as well as that of the available technologies, equipment, materials and infrastructure necessary for research available in in CERN and JINR centers.


Target Group: Higher education and research institutes of Georgia with adequate competence, as well as young scientists and PhD students in experimental and theoretical physics, spheres of astronomy, electronics, Information Technology and coordinate calculating fields. Participants of  the international centers’ research projects can be the following higher educational institutions and research institutes: three institutes of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University - High Energy Physics Institute, A. Razmadze Institute of Mathematics, E. Andronikashvili Physics Institute, Ilia State University, Georgian Technical University.