Calls 2016

SRNSF announces call for Young Scientists 2016

30/05/2016 15:21

The aim of the program is to support enhancement of research quality thought promoting research projects; to develop research skills and thematic or interdisciplinary collaboration; to improve and strengthen Georgian higher educational institutions’ research activities.

Call for Young Scientists 2016 is open to various fields of science (sub-fields are listed in the classification- Annex 9):

  1. Natural Sciences;
  2. Engineering and Technology;
  3. Medical and health Sciences;
  4. Agricultural Sciences;
  5. Humanities
  6. Social Sciences;
  7. Georgian Studies

Project proposals and relevant documentation must be submitted in two languages – English and Georgian. Applicants are responsible for the quality of English translation!

Project final evaluation score is calculated based on the evaluation scores, received from the independent experts.

The Call Administration timeframe:

  • Call opening: May 30, 2016
  • Consultations:
  1. June 7, 16:00 - Conference Hall, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation;
  2. June 21, 16:00 - Conference Hall, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation;

There will be no individual consultations

  • The deadline for submitting questions online: June 22.
  • Date of opening  electronic registration: June 15;
  • Deadline of submitting electronic proposals: June 29, 23:00;
  • The deadline for submitting proposals (hard copy) at the foundation office: July 1, 16:00;
  • Technical expertise: July;
  • Evaluation: -  July, August, September;
  • Announcement of the call results: September.

Documentation submitted after the deadline shall not be considered! 

You can find detailed information on Call terms and conditions in the following documents: 

The documentation to be submitted at the foundation consists of two parts:


  1. a) Project that is filled online, in electronic database, in English language comprises of the following parts:
  1. Project proposal;
  2. Budget and budget justification;
  3. Project implementation timeframe;
  4. CV of Young Scientist;
  5. CV of Mentor;
  6. CV of a consultant (if applicable);
  7. Project resume;
  8. Letter of consent from the Mentor;
  9. Letter of consent from the Consultant (if applicable).

The same documents in Georgian language are uploaded in the database in single PDF format.

  1. b)  Additional document to the project are gathered and uploaded in the database in a single PDF format.  These additional documents include:
  1. Letter of consent form for higher educational institution or legal/physical body (if applicable) about free of charge usage of material-technical base by the Young Scientist (not the host institution);
  2. Copies of identification documents of the Young Scientist;
  3. documents certifying academic degree (PhD diploma) (in case of diploma issued by the foreign institution, a letter from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia on the diploma recognition, should be attached);
  4. Banking account details (in GEL) of the Young Scientist;
  5. Banking account details of the Host Institution (Legal Entities of Public Law should provide Treasury registration code; non-entrepreneurial, non-commercial legal entities and authorized higher educational institutions should provide organizational bank account number);
  6. Document defining legal status of the host institution: extract from public register and the statute (higher educational institutions, who are Legal Entities of Public Law, may not provide the statute);
  7. Letter of agreement on co-funding (in case such exist), indicating the amount of co-funding, signed and stamped;
  8. Certificate of employment, indicating Mentor’s academic degree (issued by the host institution); Certificate of employment, indicating Consultant’s (in case such exist) academic degree. (Georgian consultant residing abroad, who provides his/her details in the CV form indicated at the organization’s website, may not submit the certificate).

Project submitted to the foundation should be prepared in accordance to the forms indicated while the call announcement! 

Documentation to be submitted at the foundation office:

Application form with the project code indicated should be submitted at the foundation office (Annex 8). The document must have signatures and stamps.   

Project proposal should be submitted at the foundation office not later than 1 July 2016, 16:00.

Documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


Call for Young Scientists 2016 coordinators: 

Nino Bitsadze

Phone number: + (995 32) 2 200 220 (extension 4055)


Vaja Lomidze   



Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation wishes you the best of luck!