Calls 2016

SRNSF announces call for development of structured PhD programs

11/10/2016 19:34

The aims of the call for development of doctoral programs:

  1. Enhancing academic quality of scientific research and training of new academic staff  in higher educational institutions and scientific research centers, on the bases of the existing scientific potential;
  2. Enhancing quality of PhD programs in line with international standards by means of developing new doctoral programs in higher educational institutions;
  3. Strengthening interdisciplinary scientific cooperation of higher educational institutions and supporting development of multidisciplinary PhD programs;
  4. Promoting inter-institutional and intra-institutional cooperation at the doctoral level of education;
  5. Early career support of young scientists and PhD students;
  6. Supporting internationalization of doctoral education through strengthening international cooperation of higher educational institutions.


The call of 2016 is open to the following fields of science:

  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Engineering and Technology
  3. Medical and health Sciences
  4. Agricultural Sciences
  5. Humanities
  6. Social Sciences
  7. Georgian Studies

Project can be interdisciplinary and include maximum three scientific sub-fields (see field of science and technology classification).

In the frame of the call for development of structured PhD programs will be funded the projects aiming at:

  1. Development of current PhD programs at higher educational institutions; or
  2. Development of new PhD programs at higher educational institutions


The foundation will fund institutional grant proposals only!


The Call Administration timeframe:

Opening of the call

October 11

Info days

October 18, 16:00 Registration form

October 31, 16:00

Deadline for submitting electronic questions

October 31, 18:00

Start of electronic submission of project proposals

Deadline for submission

October 26, 10:00

November 7, 16:00

Deadline for submitting proposals (hard copies) at the foundation office

November 10, 16:00

Announcement of the call results

December 2016


Individual consultations will not be provided!

Documents submitted after deadline will not be considered.

For detailed instructions, please see the following documents:


Applicants must prepare project proposals in accordance with the forms approved by Decree of SRNSF Director General. Deadline for submitting electronic proposals is November 7, 16:00. Deadline for submitting proposals (hard copies) at the foundation office is November 10, 16:00. Documents submitted after deadline and prepared not in accordance with the abovementioned forms, will not be considered.


The call coordinators:

Ketie Gabitashvili


Phone: + (995 32) 2 200 220 (44 07)