Calls 2017


10/05/2017 18:19

The Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation announces State Grants for scientific Research of Georgian Material and Spiritual Heritage in Georgia and Abroad.

Scientific grant competition "State Grants in scientific Research of Georgian Material and Spiritual Heritage in Georgia and Abroad" will be announced in May 2017. To get acquainted with the provision, see the decree  N129/N  of July 2011 of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.

The competition aims to promote high-level scientific research of historical monuments in Georgia and abroad, cultural heritage, documents and other sources, archival material, ethnographic data, including identification, registration and systematization, recording and systematization, popularization of the Georgian nation's intellectual and substantive heritage research and the attraction of young scientific personnel in this field.

Grant recipient: a winner of open, public competition, leading organization for financing, co-participant organization (if any) and key personnel of the project;

Financing from the Foundation requested for the project submitted to the competition should not exceed 100,000 GEL per year for research project abroad and 70,000 GEL for a research project on the territory of Georgia.

Maximum duration of the project may be 3 years (36 months).

Within the announcement of the competition there will be published terms and conditions approved by the Director General of the Foundation, the list of documents that have to be submitted for the competition, the schedule and the registration procedures of the competition.