Final Results of Calls 2016

Results of the Collaborative Research Project Call (compatriots call) 2016

17/10/2016 17:14

Collaborative Research Project Call (compatriots call) 2016 winning projects are nominated.

Overall, 38 project proposals were submitted for the call of 2016, out of which 10 proposals were cancelled due to their incompliance with the call terms and conditions. Proposals were cancelled by N144 Decree of SRSNF Director General, dated July 13, 2016. International evaluators nominated 12 proposals for funding.

Decree of SRNSF Director General on approval of the winning projects and nominated list of projects by fields of science classification.

The winning project authors must act in accordance to the Decree of the SRNSF Director General and submit project documentation within the deadline specifies in the call announcement, otherwise grant contracts will not be concluded!