Joint International Calls

CNRS Call for Georgian Scientists

19/11/2015 10:37

SRNSF’s partner organization - French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), launched a call for proposals in the framework of “International Scientific Cooperation Project” (PICS) Program.

In situations where cooperation with a foreign partner is well-established, and has resulted in joint publications in scientific journals, it is possible to formalize the relationship through PICS. This is a more involved form of cooperation than a plain exchange of researchers in that it is based on pre-existing joint research, and has a longer time frame. It brings together two research teams and the participation of young researchers (Ph.D.s and postdocs) is encouraged.

PICS is a scientific project prepared and presented jointly by two research teams, one at the CNRS and the other abroad. Over a period of non-renewable 3 years, it aims to consolidate and formalize ongoing cooperation with a foreign partner that has already resulted in one or more joint publications PICS allows the team from a laboratory affiliated with the CNRS (UPR / UMR) receive additional funds (usually between 5,000 and € 7,000 per year) to finance missions, seminars and work meetings.

The PICS is intended primarily for researchers under 45 years.

A call for proposals is published annually on the website of the CNRS European research and international cooperation office (DERCI). The two-stage application process begins on March 1 and finishes on the first week in June. Funding begins at the start of the following year. Before submitting a proposal, CNRS researchers must seek approval from the relevant thematic institute. Once they have obtained it, they can request an application form from DERCI.

The foreign partner must simultaneously submit a proposal to their home institution. A provisional budget is to be presented with the research project proposal.

The deadline for submission of applications to SRNSF is 3 June 2015, 17:00.

The results of the call will be known in January 2016.

The brief introduction to the Programme in English Language is available on CNRS link  or see Annex 1. The guidelines of the call is available (in French) on the following link
The detailed information on the call can be obtained from: Caroline Danilovic,

Programme Description
Guidelines and Rules for Participation
Evaluation Form
Application Form