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State Scientific Grants for Master’s Studies Research Projects

05/01/2016 16:07

The aim of the competition: to increase the academic level of students enrolled in accredited master's program of higher education institutions of Georgia and the involvement in scientific research and development of research skills, to improve the scientific-research potential of higher education institutions, to integrate research into academic programs and enhance research component, to encourage international scientific cooperation through interdisciplinary researches and problematic oriented pursuits. Additionally, the competition aims to encourage co-operation programs of higher education institutions with research centers and scientific institutions, as well as to initiate collaboration projects between universities and facilitate the involvement of regional universities.

Target group: Graduate student on their final year of studies of on the one before the final year; enrolled in the accredited educational program of the higher education institution of Georgia.

Duration: Due to the conditions of State Scientific Grants Competition for Master’s Studies Research the duration of the research project can be 4-10 months.

Coordinators: D.Chichua, V. Lomidze.

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