Mobility Grants

Proposals for mobility and international scientific collaboration

27/06/2017 11:31

Proposals for mobility and international scientific collaboration consists of the following: short term individual traveling proposal, administered by the Foundation (including 2016); conference proposal and seasonal school proposal.

The target of the proposal is to strengthen local scientific potential through informational exchange and sharing experience and to facilitate: scientific integration and collaboration in the international scientific field; development and popularization of science; attracting new candidates to science and raising qualification of young scientists. Furthermore, the proposal aims to raise the opportunity of publishing scientific researches in international journals and scientific collections.

Following grants will be distributed in terms of the proposal: individual (mobility) and institutional (international scientific events). The grants may be obtained only through the open proposal.

Coordinators: T.Skhirtladze, V.Lomidze

Budget of 2017: 770000

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MG 2017 competition terms

MG 2018 competition terms