Research with participation of compatriots residing abroad

Collaborative research projects

05/01/2016 15:53

Aim of the Call: The call aims at strengthening ties between Georgian scientists and our successful compatriot working in the research universities and centers abroad. In addition, the call aims at supporting exchange of knowledge and experience, promoting development of scientific research at local research institutions in compliance with international standards, promoting cooperation between the local scientists and our compatriots working abroad and their return to Georgia by funding innovative research projects.  The call enables Georgian scientists be familiar with new information and modern technologies. The call also aims at developing scientific potential of young researchers and their integration into international scientific community.

Target audience: successful Georgian scientists working at higher educational and research-focused institutions and independent centers abroad, as well as higher educational and research-focused institutions of Georgia.

Duration:  24 or 36 months.

Call coordinators:

Salome Sharashenidze

Megi Kartsivadze

Ana Goguadze 

Davit Chichua


Regulatory document  Resolution # 88

DI evaluation criteria

2018 DI competition terms


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