Scientific Prize

Award for the Best Scientist and for the Best Group of Scientists of the year

16/11/2016 16:30

The aim of the competition is to encourage Georgian and international researchers for active and productive endeavor and engagement in science and technology, to encourage and popularize research about Georgia and Georgian scientists. 

Target Group: the following individuals can participate in the competition:

  1. A) To get the Best Foreign Scientist award in the field of Georgian Studies, a researcher should be working in the field of Georgian studies, hold a foreign citizenship and must have a PhD or an equivalent degree.
  2. B) In order to win the Best Young Scientist award, a Georgian citizen should have a PhD degree or an equivalent. The candidate should be a young scientist, who is actively engaged in scientific sphere and is not older than 35 before the completion.
  3. C) To win the Best Scholar Award, a researcher should be a Georgian citizen with a PhD degree or an equivalent, who is actively engaged in scientific sphere;
  4. D) To win The Best Scientific Group award, research group must not be completed with less than 3 (three) Georgian citizens, who are actively engaged in scientific sphere. The group may include researchers with MA and/or a PhD and foreign scientists.

The award for exceptional achievements and contribution in science and technology will be issued singularly, through a competition.

Coordinator: M. Kajaia, N. Kiladze

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