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Meeting with the Clarivate Analytics Representative

On July 9, the SRNSFG deputy director, Mr. Jaba Samushia met the head of the educational programmes department of the international electronic publishing company Clarivate Analytics – Mr. Valentin Bogorov. At the meeting the attendees discussed various details of collaboration. For your information, according to the agreement between SRNSFG and the international electronic publishing company Clarivate Analytics, consortium member organizations have gained access to the products of Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science and Derwent Innovation). Consortium consists of 14 organizations: public and private universities, Georgian National Academy of Sciences and Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
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“Clinical Ethics Committee’s (CEC) activity at the Georgian Hospitals”

On June 29, working meeting was held at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The aim of the meeting was to present results of the research- “Clinical Ethics Committee’s (CEC) activity at the Georgian Hospitals” funded by Shota Rustaveli National Foundation  and revision of the elaborated action plan by Dr.Nato Pitskhelauri. Few days ago she has presented results of the study at the International Conference -,,ICCEC 2018” at the University of Oxford (Oxford, England). Experts from the Department of Medical Ethics, Faculty of Medicine (TSU) and experts of bioethics have participated in the meeting. Dr. Pitskhelauri has presented results of the qualitative, as well as quantitative surveys regarding the CECs’ activity in Georgian hospitals. Similar survey hasn’t been conducted since 2003. Results were quite interesting, they included the following aspects: committees’ structure and membership, experience of CEC members, their education and training, cases discussed during the year, identified ethical dilemmas and barriers etc. Based on the results of the qualitative research SWOT analysis was held. Action plane has been developed in order to raise effectiveness of the CEC’s. After presentation interesting discussion took place and young scientist has noted that those remarks will be taken in to consideration, and at the final stage of the project monography will be published together with the summary report, which will be presented for the scientific and medical society by the end of the current year.